Lab 1: What is a network?
Ensure that students in this unit have working logins on Windows and Unix machines
Provide some exposure to a few (just a few!) network services
Raise some questions
Subject students to the NPS Net-Surfing Rating process
Have a bit of fun (not too much, of course!)

The NPS Net-Surfing Rating
This is in the form of an Internet scavenger hunt. You must find things on the Internet (typically information) as detailed below. Each "find" earns you an NSR point. Can you handle the pace?!?
1. Find a URL that contains streaming video from a fish-cam.
2. Find the title of the book with the ISBN 089804801x.
3. Find the name of a book in the University of Melbourne collection that contains the first word of the above book in its subject description.
4. Find a recipe that uses the ingredients ostrich and marmalade.
5. Find the current number of cold diet coke cans in the Coke machine at CMU (Carnegie Mellon University)
6. Find a recent message sent to the LED display on the networked Coke machine at Caltech
7. Find a map of Homosassa Springs, Florida
8. Find your personal daily iron requirement
9. Play the longevity game and find out your life expectancy based on insurance statistics
10. Find an on-line telegarden and examine the plants
11. Find an applet concerned with some aspect of networking
12. Find the result of typing "telnet daytime" from a UNIX machine
13. Find the result of typing of typing "finger <your login name@ " from a UNIX machine
14. Find the "Multipurpose Unilateral Nonsense Generator" (or MUNG). Use it transform the language of the University of Ballarat homepage into jive.
15. Find the single-word anagram of "ROAST MULES"
16. Find an image of Saladore Dali's "The Bust of Voltaire"

Net-Surf Rating and personality profile
0You couldn't log in, could you?? (he he) People probably point at you a lot.
1-4Novice… "The browser is opened by clicking on an icon…". Imagine further insults of similar ilk.
5-8Not bad. You probably should get out more.
9-13Astounding! But you spend too much time on the web. Have some children.
14-16Cheat! Sorry, but your credibility is irreparably damaged.